GenOptics Spot Essence

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Size 75 ml

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SK-II GenOptics Spot Essence has the following features: This all-new upgraded whitening formula contains the latest Spot Resist Complex, which includes Lumina Kelp Extract, a new ingredient that effectively slows down the transmission of melanin message in the skin. Also contains Concentrated PITERAâ„¢ and De-melano P3C, this treatment reduces colored pigments on the surface and inside the skin, as well as minimizing the formation of future pigments. After using it for 6 weeks, it significantly decreases stubborn pigments and future invisible spots in the epidermis, revealing translucent and flawless skin. Effectively reduces spots deep in the skin and restores diamond-like radiance and brightness to skin. Lightweight texture, feels fresh on the skin and easily absorbed. Smart dropper design allows the dropper to get the recommended dosage automatically every time, as you twist and open the bottle, and just the right amount for the whole face. GenOptics Spot Essence is ideal for day use, while GenOptics Aura Essence is suitable for night use. Using both products will complement each other and achieve even better results.