GenOptics Aura Essence

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Size 75 ml

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SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence has the following features:
  • This all-new upgraded whitening formula contains Pixel white™,De-melano P3C, Japanese UME extract, Concentrated PITERA™ and new ingredients including US Prunus Extract and Inositol. They work together to help improve lackluster and dull skin, reduces spots and UV-induced melanin for a radiant complexion.
  • After using for 8 weeks, it significantly improves dull skin, increases melanin-blocking substances, and reduces colored pigments deep in the skin for clearer, more radiant and translucent skin.
  • Effectively reduces spots deep in the skin and restores diamond-like radiance and brightness to skin.
  • Lightweight texture, feels hydrating on the skin and instantly illuminates skin.
  • Smart dropper design allows the dropper to get the recommended dosage automatically every time, as you twist and open the bottle, and just the right amount for the whole face.
  • GenOptics Spot Essence is ideal for day use, while GenOptics Aura Essence is suitable for night use. Using both products will complement each other and achieve even better results.