Prime Renewing Pack

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Celebrating the product’s 30th birthday, Valmont Prime Renewing Pack has been reinvented with a more effective formula with two exclusive anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle ingredients of Liposomed RNA, a powerful cell bio-activator that restores on damaged cells and Peptide+ Cocktail, which combines anti-wrinkle peptides with ginseng extract to stimulate microcirculation. Valmont Prime Renewing Pack reveals the glow of healthy skin immediately and improves the complexion over time. The light mask-cream texture absorbs rapidly to smoothe wrinkles, brighten complexion, relax skin and tighten pores. Skin looks like a good night’s sleep in just a few minutes. Instantly, the depth of wrinkles decreases 18 % after a single thick layer is applied for 20 minutes*. The depth of wrinkles decreases 17 % after 28 days of applying a single thin layer daily for 5 minutes*. *Test carried out on 10 women who aged 55 on average.